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How to fix password does not meet the length, complexity requirements in Outlook 365.

I myself suffered this issue when I was changing or resetting the password of Office Outlook 365, Must read completly it will definitely help you all.

1st Scenario, How i solve this issue and what hapened in my case.

Let me clear you one thing that you might be thinking that you are getting this issue because of the password you are entering is against the password policy, yes it can be the reason but there is one more reason of getting this error, if you have changes the password intentionally or unintentionally and the password which you have set you forgotten and again you are trying to change or reset the password then it will not allow you to change the password even if you are entering the password as per password policy, in this case I will suggest you to wait for 24 hours and then again try resetting the password it will change the password successfully, and if you don’t was to wait 24 hours then contact your technical team of your domain they might reset it for you.

In my case I waited for 24 hours and then reset the password successfully.

2nd Scenario, You might entering the password which is against the password policy.

Please follow the below point in order to if you don’t know your corporate password policy

  • Try to set the password length at least around 12 to 15 Character.


  • Must add Capital letter and Special character for ex: @!#$ and Number But not in Serial wise like 1234 try adding in a mix was for ex: 7565342.


  • Don’t try to enter the same character which you had entered in your earlier or previous password, Use new character in your password every time.


  • If still this is not helping then you can as for your corporate password policy and set the password as per there policy requirement.

How to reset password of Outlook 365 ?

Follow the below steps.

  • Enter your email id and click on next.
  • Click on Forget my password.
  • Enter the characters in the picture and click on Next.
  • Click on the radio button, I forget my password.
  • Enter your phone number to verify for OTP.
  • Enter your verification code which you have received on your mobile number.
  • Enter your New password and confirm the same.

  • And hear we go the new password is set successfully, Now you can login with the new password.

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