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5 Best Gym Gloves for Better Grip

This article is not a sponsored article, it’s based on the research and experience, as I’m also the Fitness Lover, This makes me to write this article, I hope will help you all.

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Products ImageProducts NameRatingsPriceCheck Current Price
Xtrim Unisex4.2 /5₹469
Gym GlovesNivia Python4.1 /5₹364-₹810
OxOFit Heavy Duty4.3 /5₹1,099
Cross FitKobo Cross Fitness4.2 /5₹630-₹794
Gym GlovesKobo Leather4.1 /5₹320-₹380

Benefits of Using Gym Gloves

  • Gloves keep your fingers protected

Its not the matter whether you are beginners or experts in GYM, It’s the matter of protection, Well yes beginners have more chance of injury on their fingers specially on their skin are maybe they can stress on their finger join too which can cause lot of pain and may cause serious injury, So its highly recommended to were a gloves while performing exercise in GYM.

  • No need to use chalk

May of the athletic uses Chalk to enhance their grip and to get rid of sweat, But majority of the Gym does not provide the chalk facility due to various reason, And chalk is used for the one time lifting of weight which is done by athletes and in GYM we have to perform workout for couple of hours so chalk is not recommended for GYM users that why we recommends Gloves for the GYM.

  • Helps in better grip

Gloves provides the better grip on metal rod and fingers because of the properties to Absorbing the sweat to prevent from sliding the rod from hand and to avoid the injury.

  • Protects our wrists from injury

There are many gloves comes with Wrist support so it will not only support our palm, fingers, But also Wrist, Exercise like Dead lift, Back exercise, Or Bench Press, there is the lot of pressure on the wrist which have injured many people wrist including mine, So for that wrist support gloves is highly recommended in GYM.

  • Helps in Boosting confidence

Once you will build your strength of your physical body, you will require better GYM accessories to build your confidence, like what T-shirt you were, What Brand and Premium Gloves you have, Matters a lot to make you stand out from crowd so yes we agree to boosting confidence Best GYM accessories is required.

Buying Guide for Best Gym Gloves

Pick your gloves as per your workout, for weight lifting there is different gloves and for normal lifter Gymmer can choose different and it also depends on you, what type of workout you are doing whether it’s Gym, Cross fit, or Cardio.
  • Grip matters in Gloves

Grip matters in gloves you buy, the padding should be soft and firmly cut and the stitching should be premium, and the padding should thin in width to maintain the grip in the gloves.

  • Consider a light padding

Padding is the cushioning inside a glove. A good cushioning allows you to train comfortably and also minimizes the pressure on your hands as well as the likelihood of injury or bruises to your palm. Choose gloves that have foam or a leather cushioning, especially if you intend to lift heavy weights.

  • Should be washable gloves

The Gloves which you buy should be washable, because as per my experience whenever we do workout at GYM for a couple of hour, the gloves use to get wet due to sweat on it, and if you will not keep it on air then it will stink and it should be wash at least weakly, Which me as hygiene and protect us from many type of infection like fungus specially.

  • Should have a premium look

We have seen a lot of gloves which are now being produced by many local brand, so many of the product does not looks good, That’s  a reason you will feel any desire to buy it, There are many brands which sell best premium products and very reasonable price like Nivia, Burnlab, Kobo, Xtrim which sells premium products and value for money this is what a customer need.

  • Right size of gloves

Gymming gloves comes in various sizes, namely small, medium, large and extra-large. Most of the retailers have a size chart that will guide you on choosing the most appropriate size. Measure your own hand with measure tape and go for the size described on the particular product page size chart.

Note: – Only follow the Size chart of the products which you are planning to buy on the product page.

  • Gloves with Wrist support

Its not like that a gloves should must have wrist support, Wrist support comes in the picture when we are doing the heavy weight training, If you are not a heavy weight gymmer then you can go for the gloves which does not have wrist support,

Many of the gymmers have a Fitness band or a fitness watch want to monitor there calories, and the PAI, they can prefers the gloves without wrist support, because with the wrist support gloves you will not able to wear the fitness gloves and if you try to wear the watch above the wrist it will not track your activity properly.

If you are doing the heavy weight training then its highly recommended to wear a wrist support or Wrist support gloves, tracking you activity is not more important than your wrist,

So the solution for this problem is we can buy the GYM gloves like Nivia Python which is without wrist support and wear your fitness band, and when you will do your heavy weight training you can remove the fitness band and can wear only Wrist support like Nivia wrist support, this is the solution which I follow personally. 

  • Return policy or warranty

The return policy will be essential, especially if the glove is faulty or does not live up to the expectation within the warranty period. Go for a glove that can be returned for a replacement to the supplier in case of anything.

1)  Xtrim Unisex Macho Leather Gym Workout Wrist Wrap Gloves

If you are weight lifter not too heavy but mild then go for it, it will help protect your wrist from injury, especially when you are doing Chest workout Flat Bench Press, Dead lift, Bent Over Barbell Row, T Bar row and many more.   

Why I kept this gloves at number 1?

Because of its low price, build quality and the Gloves with wrist support which prevent  from wrist injury, it will not only support our palm, fingers, But also Wrist, Exercise like Dead lift, Back exercise, Or Bench Press, there is the lot of pressure on the wrist which have injured many people wrist including mine, So for that wrist support gloves is highly recommended in GYM.

Main features of this gloves below

  • Made for weight lifters who are looking to reduce wrist injuries while lifting weights. Flexi-strap wrist closure present in macho gloves scales down unwanted pressure on the wrists, reducing the likelihood of wrist injuries during weight lifting

  • Macho gloves are perfect for those lifters who are looking to have reduced strain in their hands during weight lifting. Thin, sophisticated padding used in these gloves absorb pressure thus reducing the strain in lifters’ hands

  • Natural grain leather used in macho gloves provides ample grip to the lifter thereby reducing the possibility of weight slipping off the lifters’ hands

  • The rubberized stretchy wrap material used in macho gloves act like extra ligaments and tendons when the wrist is bent backward during lifting, thereby reducing the possibility of wrist injuries while lifting weights

  • Natural leather palm, washable leather and mesh, double stitched, 4 – way poly span mesh, short finger length, palm reinforced with foam, luxurious closure system.

Product Basic Description Below

SizeCurrently available L, M, XL, XXL
ColourBlack, Blue
SportExercise and Fitness, Weight Lifting and Training, Body building.
  • Good stitching
  • Low price
  • Good fitting and hold
  • Comes with Wrist Support
  • None till now


Dear Buyer,
Yes it is a pair of gloves.

I am using it from 2 weeks now. The product is looking really good.

Measure and identify your palm size using that chart provide.then select the size option (large,small,medium,xl) before you purchase.

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2) Nivia Python Gym Gloves

This Gym gloves comes without wrist support and this will benefits those who wear fitness band at GYM to track their activity, and I myself use this gym and for wrist support I use Nivia Wrist support when I do heavy workout to avoid any possible injury.

Why I kept this gloves at number 2?

I myself using this gloves in Gym from last 3 Years, I kept this products on number 2 because, Of the low price, the Grip, the fitness, Upper stretching Material, the very important things the premium look with Quality and also because of the review given by buyers at amazon.

Main features about this gloves.

  • Workout in the Sports and reduce the strain on your wrists while you exercise by getting these Python Sports Gloves from Nivia

  • The ergonomic padding offers great comfort along with a perfect fit.Exercising for long hours tend to make your hands sweat but these suede gloves offer ventilation and are odor-free

  • Made from a stretchable fabric, these gloves enable you to easily lift weights with a strong grip.Experience optimum comfort and protect your hands during your training sessions.

  • Super stretchable micro leather

  • Added padding on the palms for better comfort during workouts

  • Made of Stretchable Micro Leather

  • Remains Odor free and clean even while sweating

  • Ergonomic padding

  • Ideal for both Men and Women

  • Fingerless

  • Country of Origin: INDIA

  • Nivia Python Gym Gloves, Large (Black)

  • Color: Black and grey.

        Product Basic Description Below

SizeL, M, X, XL
SportExercise and Fitness
StylePython Sports Gloves
Closure TypeHook and Loop

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  • Premium and Good Quality
  • Good Stitching
  • Stretchable Fabric
  • Better Grip
  • Good ventilation
  • Using it from last 2 year no sign of wear and tear
  • Gloves are genuine NIVIA.
  • Washable
  • No Cons


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3) OxOFit Heavy Duty Ventilated Padded Gloves

This Oxofit Gym Gloves comes up with the Wrist support and the Design of the gloves is open faced which make this gloves ventilated which reduce the amount of sweat at the palm, it has an extra grip with full palm protection, wrist support which help us in weight lifting, and has the properties to support multiple exercise type, But sorry to say the price is bit high, Only buy if its fit at your budget or go for alternative.

Please find the alternative of the product below for same model

Why I kept this gloves at number 3?

  • This Gloves is Open faces type, which makes is ventilated gloves.

  • It support multiple exercise type.

  • I myself had an experience of using open faced type gloves and it was awesome, Brand was Kobo WTG-22, so the reason why I bought this gloves was to avoid slipping of hand while performing the sliding push up (Namaskar), Because it had a rubber grip at the padding to avoid slipping hand, Which was my major problem and it helped me to solve it, and it’s still available at amazon, if you want to check Click hear-> Kobo WTG-22

  • Help avoiding slipping of hand while performing exercise like sliding push up (Namaskar).

  • It reduces sweat due to its Open face design which makes it ventilated.

Main features about this gloves

  • RUBBER PADDING & SILICON PRINTED NEOPRENE FOR EXTRA GRIP & COMFORT – No more torn hands and no more calluses. Rubber padding provides full palm protection along with extreme comfort during your favorite activity. Silicon printed neoprene helps in providing extra grip while you lift heavy weights, barbell, kettle bells and more.

  • VENTILATED DESIGN (OPEN-BACK) – Open back design of the gloves provide extra ventilation during your workout sessions. Continuous air flow ensures that your hands don’t sweat and thus provide extra grip and confidence. Open design helps in easy cleaning of internal palm area using mild soap or water.

  • MULTI UTILITY GLOVES (AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE SIZES)- Oxofit padded gloves can be used for wide variety of activities like weight-lifting, crossfit training, gym workouts, pull ups, chin ups, power-lifting and many more related exercises. Multiple sizes are availble for both men & women. Check the size chart for perfect fit.

  • COMES WITH ADJUSTABLE INTEGRATED WRIST WRAP – Our professional quality gym gloves come with integrated wrist wrap to provide complete support and extra tight grip while weight-lifting and other related activities. Wrist wrap can be easily adjusted using the velcro strap as per personal comfort.

Product Basic Description Below

SizeL, M
ColourRed-Black, Black
SportWeightlifting, Powerlifting, Exercise and Fitness
BrandOxOFit – Strong as an Ox
Closure TypeHook and Loop
  • Nicely padded
  • No discomfort or other issues
  • Good Ventilation
  • Steady support to your wrist
  • Bit costly


This product has been designed in India, but manufacturing has been done outside of India, in countries like China, Philippines, Malaysia, etc. all.

For 9.5 cms palm width, please go for medium size gloves. It will give better grip in the fingers and will be suitable for your size.

Yes, you can move your fingers individually without any issues.

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4) Kobo Cross Fitness Training Gym Gloves

This gloves is recommended for the cross fit training at Gym, Nivia also has Cross fitness training gloves, The best part about Nivia it has 10 Days replacement policy, But Kobo has better premium look and build quality, which was not expected but yes friends if you are looking for Crossfit Training gloves then go for it.

Why I kept this gloves at number 4?

I kept this products at number four because of its best quality and premium look of this gloves whereas price is also affordable, and yes the Review if the happy customer.

Main features about this gloves.

  • Full finger professional cross fitness gym gloves.

  • Padded front palm

  • Breathable material and washable.

  • Special designed for functional training.

  • Ergonomically Fit (Comes in pair).

Product Basic Description Below

SizeS, M, L, XL
SportExercise and Fitness
StyleGym Gloves
Closure TypeHook and Loop
  • Full finger professional cross fitness gym gloves
  • Padded front palm
  • Breathable material and washable
  • Special designed for functional training
  • Sweat absorption tech
  • Ergonomically fit
  • Adjustable Velcro closure
  • Very comfortable material and soft touch
  • Material: Lycra-spandex
  • If you get any defective product you can call the customer care and ask for replacement
  • Some of the customer complain about the stitching


May be little bit
But not that much you thinking

No only damage or wrong size replacement

Yes, These gloves are washable.

Measure ur palm size...measure it around, Refer the size chart in the article and then order....

It can be used for Biking. But it will not provide you back hand protection from cold.

Buy at Amazon

5) Kobo Leather Fitness Gloves

This gloves is recommended for the gym use and the one who are wearing fitness band or watch to track their fitness activity, this gloves is the Leather Gloves and one of the highest purchased gloves with 7616 Ratings.

Why I kept this gloves at number five?

The reason why I kept this at my list at number 5 because, The product is very budget friendly with 75% positive review, and the material of the gloves serves its purpose.

Main features about this gloves

  • Leather Front Palm

  • Padded Front Palm

  • Soft Material Back Hand for Sweat Ventilation

  • Spandex at back for comfortable fitting

  • Comfortable

Product Basic Description Below

SizeS, M
SportExercise and Fitness
StyleGym Gloves
  • Feels premium
  • Fits well in hand
  • Padding in Palm to make lifting comfortable
  • Can easily pull out of hands after exercise
  • Size chart can be trusted
  • stitches need to improve


It is 4 inches breadthwise and 5 inches lengthwise

Yes it washable support both machine and handwash.

Those are to pull it out of hand after use

Go for medium if u r kind of slim...and if you are fat surely go for large or above.

Please find the size chart in the Product page of amazon, where the way of size calculation method is mentioned.
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